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The Thompson Mk6 Bandsaw is a widely recognised for its uniquely designed heavy duty quality construction and performance. It is designed to offer superior low maintenance operation in quality processing p;ants, supermarkets and butcher shops. With the quiet operations and attractive appearance, it is ideal suited to a prominent position in shop fronts where the bandsaw is exposed to the public.

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  • The efficient design of the Thompson MK6 Bandsaw significantly improves cutting action
  • Blade speed 210m/min (1.5kW), optional blade speed 1820m/min (4kW0
  • Cleaner curs with reduced bone dust on product
  • Portion cutting is straight and accurate
  • Blade does not wander
  • Cuts through frozen product (blocks) effortlessly
  • Increases cutting efficiency and yields

Efficient Operation

  • Start/Stop controls are located at easily visible eye level for quick and easy access
  • The powerful Direct Drive System provides positive and constant adjustments and replacement
  • Powerful 1.5kW (optional 4kW) motor ensures continuous smooth cutting operation through fresh or frozen products
  • The high clearance from floor allows easy and thorough cleaning providing maximum hygiene
  • The larger Bone Dust Bin provides bone dust holding capacity

Recommended Options

  • Bladeguard – automatic blade guarding system
  • Fine adjustment thickness guide

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