Lease from $28.50 per week

Lease from $28.50 per week

Download Brochure Brice C33F-S




MEAT SLICER BRICE C33F-S gear driven slicer takes the hard work out of slicing and is perfect for medium to large sized kitchens, restaurants, delicatessens or catering businesses.

 Manufactured in anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids;

 Narrow band blade for high cutting performance;

 Large product holder;

 Constructed for easy cleaning;

 Adjusting knob allows for cutting of slices from 0mm up to 25mm;

 Integrated and removable sharpening device;

 Gear driven blade;

 Blade ring guard;

 Removable product carriage when the slice thickness control is set to zero;

Download Brochure Brice C33F-S

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