Vacuum Tumbler DORIT VV-1-150

Vacuum Tumbler DORIT VV-1-150

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Vacuum Tumbler DORIT VV-1-150

Meat processing machine in stainless steel construction

Ideal for hotels, restaurants large kitchens, delicatessens, caterers and small butcher shops.

For the massaging of cooked cured products; salt impregnation and braising of dry cured products; dry salting, seasoning and marinating of poultry, barbecue products, game and goulash; mixing of salads, dressings and sauces; tenderising of fresh meats; salting, seasoning and processing of fish and seafood products.

Tilteable drum with one-point support on a solid frame, moves on 2 rustproof fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with brakes.

Manual loading. Discharge using crank device.

Direct 2-speed gearbox motor drive.

Welded V-shaped baffle plate.

Circular lid cover with three clamping locks.

Quick-closing water seperator protects vacuum pump.

Vacuum pump unit 10 m• with mounted air cleaner, air filter, aeration valve, vacuum and aeration tube, stainless steel consoles.

Variotronic M programmable timer for total time, massaging and rest interval control. Setting switch for RPM, program and vacuum. Vacuum gauge, and operating condition gauge.

Very easy to operate, clean and service.

Options: integrated vacuum pump and factory mounted controls

Standard voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz / 30 Ph

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