Dorit PSM-12-4.5-1
Lease from $157 per week

Lease from $157 per week


  • Rugged, heavy-duty nickel-chromium-steel construction throughout
  • Two / four rows of injection controlled, spring-loaded needles for high injection rates at minimum brine pressure, removable without tools
  • Patented pressure-compensation stripper blocks for continuous brine circulation to ensure accurate injection rates and minimise risk of plugged needles
  • Infinitely variable relief valve regulates brine pressure
  • Rustproof impeller pump with own drive motor, can be disassembled without tools
  • Glycerine manometer for pressure gauge display
  • Suction filter on all intakes with quick-connection couplings and return-flow filter unit with replaceable filter
  • Geared motor for stroke and belt drive
  • No tools needed to remove conveyor unit featuring patented, moulded nylon segments and stainless steel pivots

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