SMOKE OVEN Smoke Rite 1200CW

Smoke Oven / Smoke Rite 1200CW

Manufactured from High Grade 304 Stainless Steel. (Internal & External)


Capacity 690 Litres approx 120Kg, 12-15Hams

Lease from $175 per week


Smoke Oven / Smoke Rite 1200CW

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Large capacity small footprint design

The Microprocessor controller is user friendly which allows the programming of smoking, cooking and drying times. Other programmable features include:

 Steam Generation

 Oven & Core Temperature

 Smoke Time

 Delayed Starting


Microprocessor stores 99 user set smoking, drying & cooking recipes

Double Glazed Viewing Window

Interior Light

Easy cleaned and removal of air circulation system. NO REMOVING OVEN SIDE PANELS.

Temperature Standard 200 Deg C for faster Cooking, Roasting & Baking

Over temperature shutdown

Hygienic easy clean load rails, reduce oven contaminants  (Patent Pending) includes eight (8) product rack positions

Automatic motorised Air Inlet & Exhaust Vents

Heater Elements mounted internally reducing build up of contaminants in direct air circulation models

Smoke Generator installed in Oven for added safety

Oven includes adjustable Brake Castors

Includes (2) Stainless Steel Product Racks, (8) Smoke Sticks and Drip Tray

Operation Manuals & Documentation

Optional Features

 Clean Assist

 Cold Product Showering

 Thermal Printer

 SMS Alarms & Messages


Dimensions High Wide Deep
External 2170mm on trolley 820mm 895mm
Internal 1500mm 660mm 660mm
Capacity 650 Litres, 120kg approx.; approx. 12 hams or 12 middles of bacon
Models Electrical Supply Temperature
1200CW 3 Phase 415 Volt AC;


200°C cooking

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