• 10 kgs Chicken trim 75/80% lean (That means 75/80% meat and 20/ 25% Fat)/li>
  • If you are only making 5 kgs of sausages just cut the ingredients down by half
  • 60 gms salt
  • 70 gms ground black pepper (medium grind)
  • 35 gms cayenne pepper
  • 35 gms ground ginger
  • 25 gms dried sage
  • 35 gms dried thyme


Lets get sausage-making

  • Mince the meat through your mincer using the larger holed mincer plate.
  • Add ingredients.
  • Mix in well and now mince through the smaller mincer plate for a fine blend or through the larger mincer plate  for  a meatier looking sausage.
  • Place the sausage emulsion into the sausage filler and put the size nozzle on the filler that will fit you casing.
  • Natural hog or sheep casing or collagen casings ( Known as artificial casings )
  • Turn the handle on the sausage filler and feed the emulsion into the casing.
  • Don’t fill the casing to full as it will not be able to be tied off.
  • Feel the sausage as it is coming from the filler and it should be comfortably soft to the touch.
  • Once you have filled out the casing, tie each end with a simple knot.>


Now let’s tie the Sausages.

  • This is hard to explain so print out the 2 sausage tying pics and use whichever 
one is easiest for you.
  • You can also open the video and it will show you how to tie the sausages as well.
  • Refrigerate overnight to allow sausage to set.
  • Cook what you wish to eat and freeze the remainder.


See our simple instructions for tying your own sausages.

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